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Penile Augmentation

 (Widening / Widening / Broadening)



A large penis is desired by every man.

There are NO MEDICATIONS that can increase the size of the penis.

Only surgery can enlarge the penis.


The diameter of the shaft of the penis can be enlarged surgically by inserting special tissues under the skin, all around the penis. These tissues are preferably obtained from the person himself since synthetic materials can result in infection at higher rates than natural tissues.

Cut section in the penis before augmentation showing the outer layer of skin and the internal structures

Cut section in the penis after augmentation showing a layer of natural tissues inserted underneath the skin.

What are the Different Methods for Augmentation (Widening / Broadening) ?

The method depends on the type of tissue that is chosen for Widening / Broadening. Natural tissues from the same person to himself give the best results. The golden rule is:

In order for natural tissues to survive in their new place in the penis, they need blood supply.

1-Fat Injection

Fat can be aspirated from the hips, abdomen or otherwise, and reinjected underneath the skin of the penis to increase its volume (Widening / Broadening).

Unfortunately, when fat is aspirated, it passes through a narrow tube that breaks the fat into small particles, destroying the architecture of blood vessels that used to feed the fat in its original place. When those particles are laid in their new place in the penis, blood seeps around the fat and feeds its outer surface but not its core, since there are no blood vessels to transfer the blood in there. Therefore, with time, the core dies, disintegrates, and is absorbed away from the penis into the body, in an irregular fashion. This leaves a thin and irregular layer of fat behind, that is, loss of the gained volume and irregularity of the penis.  Total loss of the injected fat usually occurs  in 1-3 years time. In addition, since the fat is injected as particles, it may give a lobular feeling to the surface of the penis.

It is important to mention that fat can be re-injected every couple of years to maintain the penis in the enlarged state.

2-Dermal Fat Graft

Grafts are a better method for Widening / Broadening. A graft is a piece of tissue TOTALLY separated from its original place and transferred to another site in the body. Various tissues can be grafted, including the fore mentioned fat.

Dermal fat is a type of graft where a 1 cm thick (approximately) sheet of tissue is harvested from right beneath the skin. The sheet can be of variable area, according to the requirements. The graft is harvested by cutting around its outline by a scalpel, removing the skin and the 1cm thickness of tissue underneath it, pealing the skin off those tissues, and closing the wound left behind by sutures. The graft is usually taken from a hidden part of the body so that the wound will not show, such as from the gluteal crease (the long skin crease between the buttock and thigh).

Dermal fat graft is much better than injected fat for the purpose of widening the penis because it is harvested as one sheet, preserving the architecture of blood vessels within, so that the blood seeping from the recipient site will reach every part of the graft through those blood vessels. Thus it survives for a long time, sometimes for life. The survival rate of the dermal fat graft is upto 80%. The dermal far graft is much less prone to death than injected fat, and if death occurs, it is usually partial leading only to a slight loss of thickness, rather than total loss. In addition, the outer surface of the penis feels smooth contrary to the lobular feeling of the injected fat.

3-Synthetic Materials

A number of synthetic tissues are available for injection or wrapping under the skin of the penis. The virtue of synthetic materials is that some of them can stay in the body longer that natural tissues would. They are also easier to operate with surgically. However, infection can occur in case of such materials more than it would with natural tissues.

A crucial point is that the graft should not exceed 1 cm thickness, otherwise blood will not reach into its core. This limits the gain of volume increase to 30% approximately, which is usually enough for almost every man requiring augmentation.


4-Flaps "Shaeer's Augmentation"

Falps are the best method for widening the penis, in selected cases. Flaps are tissues transferred from their original site in the body to another site, without disconnecting them from their original feeding blood vessels. This gives them excellent longevity because blood PUMPS into them as in normal situations, rather than seep into them as happens in case of grafts.

The author of this website; Dr.Shaeer designed the first-ever surgical technique where a flap is transferred and wrapped under the skin of the penis for the purpose of penile widening.

Flap augmentation has showed viability and maintenance of the volume gain for almost 90%, considering the excellent blood supply.

There is no limit to the thickness of the flap. Therefore, the penis can be augmented to much larger extents than was possible with grafts, upto100% in some cases.


Penile girth augmentation using flaps "Shaeer's augmentation phalloplasty"- a case report


Girth Augmentation of the Penis Using Flaps "Shaeer's Augmentation Phalloplasty"- The Superficial Circumflex Iliac Flap




Augmentation of the Glans

If the glans is particularly small, its volume can be increased by injection of fillers. Fillers are materials used in cosmetic surgery, as in lip augmentation. This is a minor and fast procedure that takes about 15-30 minutes, can be performed under local or general anesthesia and does not require any length of hospital stay.

Unfortunately, all fillers are gradually absorbed by the body leading to loss of the added volume over years. Fortunately, injection can be repeated periodically, maintaining the glans in the augmented state for life.

Injection of fillers in the glans leads -in many cases- to delaying ejaculation, which is a virtue in the opinion of many, since this increases the sexual intercourse time.

Augmentation of the glans is therefore performed in many cases to treat premature ejaculation.


Latest Innovation: Shaeer's Glans Augmentation using grafts:


Prof.Shaeer invented a technique whereby the glans is augmented by insertion of a dermal graft for long lasting increase in volume with minimal decrease over time and minimal sensory loss:

Shaeer's glans augmentation technique- a pilot study






Intellectual Property Registration number 00320, Ministry of Communication, Egypt