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Body Sculpturing

Many complain of obesity that changes the contour of the body and renders it less masculine.

Sculpturing of the body is trimming and reshaping it into a more masculine form.

Sculpturing the Abdomen, Pubic Area and Waist

The main reason why sculpturing the abdomen and pubic area are important is that the fat in these regions surrounds the penis and can conceal a considerable part of it. Thus, although the penis is originally of good size, it appears short.

Liposuction is aspiration and removal of fat out of these areas, revealing the pens and giving a more athletic and masculine look. It is performed through one or more 5mm long incision and requires no hospital stay or home stay. One can return to work in 1-3 days.

If the abdomen or pubic region are extremely full, this necessitates surgical removal of part of the fat and the redundant skin, with even better cosmetic results.

The skin and fat removed can be inserted around the penis underneath its own skin to increase its volume.


Sculpturing the Breast

Some men suffer from enlargement of the breast (gynecomastia) that gives a feminine look. Treatment consists of treating the original cause (hormonal or otherwise) as well as removal of the excess tissue, which does not disappear with treating the cause.

The only exception is adolescent breast enlargement (pubertal gynecomastia) which occurs around the onset of puberty. This usually disappears spontaneously in 3-4 years time. If it does not resolve, surgery is necessary.

Surgery consists of removing the breast gland and the excess fat, in addition to the redundant skin if necessary.

The gland is removed through a half-circle incision along the border of the areola. The virtue of this incision is that it does not leave an apparent scar as it goes along the pigmented contour  of the areola.

The excess fat is removed through a 5mm long incision in the arm pit, that does not leave any visible scars.

The excess skin usually recoils spontaneously in a 2 months period after surgery and does not require excision. However, if the skin is saggy and redundant, it may require excision which may leave a small scar that may be visible, but is certainly better looking than the enlarged breast.

It is necessary to put on a compressing bandage around the chest for at least 2 months following surgery.



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