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In the presence of normal anatomy and normal hormones, sexual stimuli (touch, vision, fantasies..etc), a transparent fluid (prosemen) starts leaking slowly from the penis, usually as a one or more drops. Erection starts and is maintained for variable periods of time until ejaculation occurs. Following ejaculation, erection is lost gradually and cannot be re-induced for a period of time called the "refractory period". This is natural. The speed with which erection fades following ejaculation increases with age, and so does the refractory period. The refractory period ranges from seconds in youth to weeks in the elderly.

 Normal Frequency of Intercourse:

This varies from with age. The normal frequency in the second and third decades is four times per week on average. This naturally varies from one person to the other, from one relation to the other, but this is the acceptable average. This decreases in the fourth decade to 2-3 times per week, in the fifth decade to once per week, down to once per month in the elderly. It is therefore normal to observe a decline in sexual interest as age advances.

These frequencies assume that there are suitable and comfortable conditions that promote sexual behavior as regards general health, work load, psychological harmony with the partner..etc. Without those prerequisites, erection will be very difficult to attain or maintain.

There are normal ups and downs that affect every man's sexual power. It is normal to have a period where erection is less likely to occur, in response to psychological stress, work load, interpersonal conflicts...etc. These periods resolve spontaneously with improvement of the general condition, upon vacations for example.

Morning Erection

Normally, one experiences a rigid erection when he wakes up every now and then. This is "Morning erection" or "nocturnal erection".

Presence of normal morning erection is a sign that one is normal, at that impotence -if any- is psychogenic (due to stress).

Morning erection does not necessarily occur every night. Noticing nocturnal erection every day, every week or even every couple of weeks is sufficient to ensure that one is normal concerning the structure and function of the penis.


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