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Penile Girth Augmentation - Broadening

          Current girth augmentation techniques rely either on liposuction / injection, or the use of dermal fat grafts. These procedures have their serious cons among which is regression in gained size, deformities, irregular contour and asymmetry. Ideally, the augmentation technique should ensure durability and symmetry.

           In 2005, I described the first application of a flap (superficial circumflex iliac artery island flap) in penile girth augmentation.

Penile Girth Augmentation Using Flaps “Shaeer’s Augmentation Phalloplasty”: A Case Report
O.K.Z. Shaeer and K.Z. Shaeer
J Sex Med 2006;3:164–169

The superficial circumflex iliac vessels are identified and the groin flap is elevated from lateral to medial, rotated towards the penis and tunneled into a peno-pubic incision. It is wrapped around the penis short of the corpus spongiosum, and insinuated under the glans.

The gain in girth is adjustable up to 100% increase, and is maintained.

Preoperative Erect

Flap outline

Flap Elevated

Tunnelling under the mons veneris

To the recepient site

Under the skin of the penis

Immediately postoperative

One year later

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