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        Penile reconstruction is re-building of the glans penis, part of the penile shaft or a whole new penis (new-phalloplasty) in cases of injury and loss of the penis, or in case of congenital inborn abnormalities where the penis is very small (micropenis).

        If lost, the glans can be re-built by transferring and sculpturing a rectus abdominis muscle island flap based on the inferior epigastric vessles. The flap is tunneled under the mons pubis and alongside the penis to its tip, to be sculptured as a glans and covered by a split thickness graft. This technique has been invented by Dr.Shaeer:

Construction Of Neo-Glans Penis: A New Sculpturing Technique From Rectus Abdominis Myo-Fascial Flap
O.K.Z. Shaeer and A. El Sebaie
J Sex Med 2005; 2: 259265

Pre and Post

Rectus flap harvested.

Rectus flap set to the recepient site.

Fashioning the flap.

Fashioning the flap.

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        If part of the shaft is lost, it can be rebuilt using a special technique that frees the reserve penis that is normally attached to the bony pelvis. You can read the details here.

        If the penis or what remains from it is too little for augmentation, a new penis can be constructed by radial forearm or fibular free flaps. These flaps can be fashioned as an cosmetically acceptable penis, with erogenous sensibility in many cases. The flap can incorporate cartilage or bone to provide rigidity, or a penile prosthesis can be implanted. The urethra can be constructed upto the tip of the neophallus. The donor site (forearm or leg) are covered by a skin graft.

The radial forearm flap is dissected

The forearm flap is fashioned as a penis while still nourished in place.

The neophallus next to the native penis


Intellectual Property Registration number 00320, Ministry of Communication, Egypt